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Post by dexterjake on Mon Feb 23, 2009 5:26 am

Hi Gossip-Lovers!

The moment you register in this forum, you don't have to go to your e-mail for activation of your account for you to browse the forum. You can automatically navigate the forum once you have registered as it is fully automated, free, and automatic. So, no more worries and problems regarding this issue. The moment you click the word REGISTER and agreed to the TERMS OF USE, you can fully use the forum.

What can you do and what can you benefit as a member of GossipBoy?

Arrow You can fully access and navigate all the features of the forum(e.g. fashion, haute couture, culture, exclusive photos of fab celebs, etc.). You can navigate the whole forum as much as you like and as much as you want.
Arrow You can upload, comment, and browse photos in the forum and in the Gallery. You may indulge in everyone's "What's Ups" with the help of exclusive and latest photos.
Arrow You can post anything and everything in all boards in all categories as long as you want. You can only post materials and contents, if and only if, you're already a MEMBER of Gossipboy. You can only post materials in accordance to the TERMS and REGULATIONS.
Arrow You can browse the Gaming Arena when you want merriment and happiness. You can plunge yourself into the hottest games of today and play as long as you can and as long as your already fed up.

The Forum

The purpose of the forum is to be updated to all the hottest news of the day by interaction through posting threads.
In the Forum World, there are three main parts: the Categories, Boards, and Threads.

Like a Star @ heaven CHECK THIS OUT!


GossipBoy Community
Fit and Fab Living
The Awakening
Graphic Fence
Gallery of Paper
Featured Featurettes
The Atelier


Trail Guests
Celebrity Flicks
Street Scents
Melody Chains
Movies Incorporated
Teenage Theatre
School Misery
...and so on


The materials and contents the memebers have posted.

Post a Topic
Arrow Always think of the relevance of you desired topic to the category where you want to post it.
Arrow Then, go to the appropriate category and click New Topic somewhere at the bottom-left part of the page.
Arrow You will be redirected to the page then post whatever you want and use the special features provided at the top of the textbox. You can put videos, music, etc.
Arrow If you want to preview it, just click preview at the bottom part of the page, and if you're already finished, hit the Send button and lo! Your thread is now posted!

Reply to a Topic
Arrow Just go to the topic you want to reply.
Arrow Then click Reply found at the upper portion of the page.
Arrow You will then be redirected to a new page and fill up the reply textbox.
Arrow Hit Post and you're done!

Post an image in the Gallery
Arrow Just click GALLERY found at the top navigation of this site.
Arrow Then look for the category where you want to post your image.
Arrow You will then be redirected to another page where photos are available.
Arrow At the top part of the page, click UPLOAD PIC and you will be redirected to another page.
Arrow For multiple files, just click ADD FILES before you put anything else.
Arrow Hit SAVE and that's it.

lol! To all the new members of this forum and to all the guests who are planning to enter and join this forum, thank you for reading and understanding this reminder.

Have fun browsing and navigating the site!

©️ Copyright . The Gossip Boy 2009 . All Rights Reserved .

- A . D . M . I . N . -

* : Hey guys! Welcome to the site!

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