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Forum House Rules Empty Forum House Rules

Post by dexterjake on Mon Feb 23, 2009 6:04 am

Welcome to The TeenRepublic! Before you proceed, please read the House Rules first. Thank you!


Arrow Posting in all threads in every category is only allowed and acan only be accessed by members, so be sure that you LOGIN or REGISTER first before posting anything.

Arrow Posting in sticky caps (LyK DiS) is discouraged as it looks too dirty and is not presentable. Sticky caps are only used in cellphones where there are text limits while in this forum, typing has limitless boundaries, so why do such thing? Please be cooperative enough not to post anything in sticky caps. It really is GROSS!
Arrow Posting contents that contain nudity, violates copyright laws, or depicts hate/gore is strictly prohibited. Anybody guilty of such deed will be terminated and will be banned from the forum.
Arrow No double posting please. if you have posted a question and no one has yet replied, you may use the EDIT function and re-post your topic.
Arrow No posting contents made to hurt someone and assault. It is against the law.
Arrow When you want to post something, please put a little color on it attractive enough to catch one's eyes. Please don't post materials that are BORING.

Arrow When you post something that is copyrighted or that is not yours, please include the name of the author, the source, site, etc. that leads to the original owner. Have respect to the author and never claim any copyrighted material as you own. The forum will not be reliable of cases regarding this issue.

Arrow Please be sure when you post something, it should be relevant to the thread where you want to post. It should have relevance to the topic and please never ask anything on sticky threads or important topics. Rather, post it in the "Questions and Answers" category.

Arrow No spamming please! It is such a junk and i think that we don't want any garbage in here, right? Spam is a post with acontent of 5 or less words and sometimes just a phrase. Posts not in response to the topic and irrelevant are also considered spam. If you are caught spamming, the admin and the moderators will send you a warning. Continuous spamming might result to complete termination on the boards. To remind you, posts off-topic are also considered spam.

Arrow No posting of bad, offensive, and foul words. Censored words are also not allowed.
Arrow When posting something, please use English as this is online and many may not understand.

Arrow Posting of full names, address, or any personal information is strictly prohibited. Posting of MySpace and Friendster accounts are also not allowed in public. You may share each other's info through PM(Private Message).

Like a Star @ heaven Enjoy navigating the forum and all of the categories. And please don't leave this site deserted and barren. THANKS.

* : Hey guys! Welcome to the site!

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